The New Big Package Sale of Private Label & Resell Rights Products!

* Last Month we ran our Biggest Birthday Mega Sale to celebrate the 5 Years of providing Resell Rights andPrivate Label Rights Products (PLR). Well, we have just created an EVEN BIGGER BETTER DEAL For You, so be sure to Grab This Offer while its available at the lowest bargain Price!

This sale is still active!

Just a little background first: 5 Years ago, Bruce Gibson (who had already been marketing software & scripts worldwide for several years) saw the value in the new wave of Private Label Rights (PLR) Products and opened the original

Providing “PLR” and Master Resell Rights to hundreds of digital Products, established a position among digital information Internet Marketers as a source for package deals for Niche Sites and for Reseller Marketers. soon followed, providing FREE Bonuses as giveaways to customers of Internet Marketers.

18 months later, Bruce opened which became a popular PLR Membership Site and now boasts several hundred Resell and Niche Products for download by Members.

Fast forward to 2010. In a changing world, we all see the need to do things differently. There have been many new developments in technology and the internet just this year and there are more to come. It’s true that More people are “Getting Online” and looking for information – so this still puts Information Products at the forefront of viable methods to earn an income through using Internet Marketing. This SALE provides you with actual Products you can use on Sites of your own – OR to further re-sell them as a means to turn a profit.

Check out our complete Offer here as you will find plenty that will work for you.

it’s Celebration Time! & announce

The 5-years of PLR ‘Birthday SALE’

We Just Added Dozens more Products for you!

G’Day, my name is Bruce Gibson
. I am an Australian who has been earning my living online since 2001 and have a firm belief that even now we are still at the beginning of a groundswell of interest in Information Marketing as thousands of Newcomers come Online every day searching for information on their topics of interest. I want to make it very clear to you that there are Unlimited Opportunities to develop your own Online Business selling Information Online – no matter where you are from or what your level of experience is. Please read-on to discover why I think you are at the right place at the right time and its not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Announcing The New Bigger PLR SALE where you can get hold of an extensive Package of Private Label and Master Resell Rights Products to use as you wish. Put your Name on these Products, Sell them as-is or change or combine them into a new Information Product of your own!   

This Big Bundle of downloadable digital Information Products and Niche Websites contains OVER 75 separate Products to use. (now its 86+ products!)

Plus there’s more you’ll see in this package below.

There’s over 1.66 Gigabytes here and if you are quick, you can gain FULL ACCESS to this special Birthday Sale Package for a low One-Time payment…. see below for details. Ooops! It’s now 2.2Gigs (Plus now… more than 4.5 Gigabytes of downloads ADDED!)

I am not going to waffle on here with some long-winded sales letter… I want to get right to the point. But just a little background info for those new to this type of thing….

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that earning an Income from an Internet-based Business is a very desirable and very reachable Goal. You just need to know What To Do and to have access to something you can Sell and draw in sales from all around the world.

With Your Own Online Business, You Can:

Work whenever and wherever You Choose ?

You can Choose to work within Any Niche ?

Be Your Own Boss, you call the shots ?

Reap All of the Rewards of your effort, 100% income

Work From Home – no travelling required

Your Internet Business can be as big as you want ?

Costs are kept extremely low for any business

* Do you now need an extra source of income and How-To Make Money using the Internet?

There are many successful ways to Earn an Income Online – through Affiliate Programs, online Ads, pay-per-action, network marketing, online services, etc., but one of the very best is to be in a position where you can make 100% of EVERY SALE (instead of a small commission, right?). For this to happen, you can either Sell a ‘ready-made’ digital Product (can be good, but there may be many others with the same information), OR you can have YOUR OWN PRODUCTS by purchasing the RIGHTS.

Private Label Rights allows you to use any of the supplied Information packages
(often with a ready-made sales site with graphics) and “re-brand it”,
modify it as you see fit, put your own Name on it and Sell them as
Your Own Product – So YOU EARN 100% of the Sales from your own Sites!

PLR = Private Label Rights      MRR – Master Resell Rights

This Bigger PLR Package Sale is is made up of the following parts:

Section 1.

37+ Niche Products and Reseller Sites, with PLR or MRR

Here just some of what you get in this Section; Information Products complete with Reseller Sites

Here are the 37 Topics in this Group of Niche Sites with either Private Label or Master Resell Rights

* ADHD – Help Your Child
* Adopting a Dog
* Baby Shower Guide_MRR
* Body Language Basics_PLR
* Business and Mobile marketing_PLR
* Cat Training_MRR
* CD-Duplication
* Cheerfulness As A Life Power_MRR
* Cracking Creativity
* Create Story Videos – YouTube
* Curing Eczema Naturally_MRR
* Dog Obedience_MRR
* Economic Recession_MRR
* Everyday Energy_PLR
* Fitness_PLR
* Guide To Caring for the Elderly_MRR
* Home Workaholics
* Home Chef_PLR
* iPhone Tricks & tips
* Oil Painting_MRR
* Personal Brilliance
* Productivity
* Raising Goats_PLR
* Self Hypnosis Package
* Seniors Retirement Planning_MRR
* Spinning & Weaving
* Standup Comedy_PLR
* Overcoming Stuttering
* Swine Flu_MRR
* Toothache Remedies
* Twenty20 Cricket_MRR
* Ultimate Resource For Baby Boomers_MRR
* Unraveling Alzheimers Disease_PLR
* Walking for Fitness_PLR
* Workplace Safety
* Writing for Riches_MRR
* You’re Hired_MRR

We just added the following additional Niche Product Titles as well! 12 More.

* Camping for Boys
* Cookery with Milk
* Cyber Security
* Distance Running
* Family History Search
* Fruit Desserts
* Caring for Elderly
* Lose 10Pounds
* Improve Your Memory
* Self Publishing
* Search Engine Optimization PLR
* Sleep Apnea



Section 2.

17 Internet Marketing Products and Reseller Sites, with PLR or MRR

* Steps to Newbie Success_PLR
* 350 Social Media Tactics_MRR
* A to Z of Effective Sales Pages_MRR
* Backlink Flood Package MRR
* Exit Profit Generator_MRR
* Earn Your First Online -MRR
* Highly Targeted Email Marketing_PLR
* How To Upsell_MRR
* InfoProduct Pathway
* Marketers HelpDesk_PLR
* Russell Brunsons Workshop Notes_MRR
* Social Networking Supercharged_MRR
* Stats To WordPress_PLR
* Traffic Lottery_MRR
* Twitter Profit Blueprint
* Viral Marketing Secrets_MRR
* YouTube Marketing Secrets_MRR


Section 3.

Plus another 20 unrestricted Private Label Products

This includes the following Titles – all with PLR & Reseller Sites

* Achieve Prosperous Living through Spiritual Empowerment
* Concrete Confidence
* Health and Wealth Magnetism

* Kult Kingdom Tactics
* Network Marketing Survival 3
* Passion Driven Prosperity

* The Unstoppable Internet Entrepreneur Mindset
* Traffic Tidal Wave
* Unleash the Financial Giant Within!

* Email Optin Stampede
* Instant Newsletter
* Twitter_pack PLR

* Express Learning
* Piano Mastery
* Profitable Livestock
* Secrets Of Succes
* Woodburners Guide

OK, so as if that’s not enough for this awesome Package deal…. we have gone and added these amazing Bonuses

Section 4.

GOLD Membership to!

OK, so even though we had been Selling this GOLD level Membership on its own for /Year, you can Get It Now as a Bonus included in this 5th Birthday Special! AND, the amount of included Products is Worth hundreds of Dollars!

AND you get it without any recurring subscription! You can have a look over there – (opens new window).

There’s actually already OVER 200 Private Label Products in that Membership and over 100 Master Resell Products as well!

Oh, and you get these tooPlus in that Membership you get Training Videos, website Graphic collections and over 12,000 PLR Articles!


NO SILLY Marketing jargon here…. just the straight-forward TRUTH!

The Answer is EASY, but it depends how quickly YOU DECIDE to Grab this Complete package!

This Birthday Celebration Special will only last for 2 weeks, but during this time period – the Price will steadily climb!

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BUT, here’s how its going to pan out:

For 20 People who Signup TODAY will Pay Just $67.00 for this Entire Collection!

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After that, it will increase by $10 for each 20 New members who take advantage of these GREAT Prices.


OK, so that’s it. Simple really.

You GET ACCESS to all of these, over 375 Resell-able Products! WHAT A BUSINESS YOU COULD MAKE.

I know, its stupid – but this is like paying JUST 10Cents for each Product, including all those ones with Reseller Websites included!  This is ridiculously silly actually, but I wanted to do something COOL for My Birthday…. and I thought it was a Landmark to Celebrate that I started with THIS Site 5 Years Ago!!  Not too shabby, hey?



Aaaah! do you remember that sales pitch at the end of some of the TV Ads …. hahaha… it goes like this



Yep, that’s right. I got some MORE Goodies to add to the kitty. I do really think the above is enough, but I have some MORE to share with you and you are getting these as well…. added into your NEW Membership – just because I Want To!

Here’s some extremely great BONUSES you can have Access to also….


Extreme Bonus 1. Scripts and Software package


This package will be added to Your PLR membership and contains a Massive Collection of various Software and Website SCRIPTS. There are over 70 Scripts & Software to choose from! Have Fun!

EXTRA BONUS! PLUS I am also adding in…. the *Million Dollar Script Box* with Clone Scripts to copy the approach and functions of these famous Sites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There’s actually more, but too much to mention here. I am including these in This Big Package Sale!



Extreme Bonus 2. Super PLR Articles pack


Now you might have thought that the 1,000 new PLR Articles above and the 12,000 PLR Articles with the GOLD Membership would be enough – but I am going to sweeten the deal for people who need or love to use Articles for their Blogs Sites or to develop your own Information Product from.

How about an extra 27,000 PLR Articles? yep, they are all yours for the getting – included in this Birthday Sale!


Awesome Bonus 3. File Storage and Backup


The Main Package (not the YourPLRmembership) consists of over 75 PLR & MRR Products with over 1.66 gigabytes (and growing) of zipped file downloads!  Here’s something useful and interesting – you only need to download as you need them.

You get Access to ALL that in a personal CLOUD-based storage Membership of your own with 2.25gigs (ability to upgrade to 30g or 100gigs). This is not from us, but we use it now for File Delivery as well as backup of all our Computers. You can even use it to fully backup and ‘sync’ any Files on your Computers and access fro anywhere in the World and on any iPhone or Android smartphone – so thats pretty cool… I have been using this service for the past 8 months… it’s sure simplified my life.

You Get This with your purchase of The Biggest SALE!


More Extreme Bonuses. Un-Announced Special Bonuses!


In addition to all of those Products and Goodies – we have some Un-Announced Bonuses…. and you will find out when you get into Your Members Area!

YES! We do Have More…. but some things remain a secret until you take the next steps! :)


The First 20 People who Signup TODAY will Pay Just $67.00 for this Entire Collection!

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Nothing is stopping you from Re-Selling ANY of these Products, but please – you cannot re-sell the whole package. As this is my own Special Compilation I hold the Copyright to this Complete package as it is.

HOWEVER, Purchase now and I may just Offer you a License to Re-Sell this ENTIRE Package!

Heck – I might even be able to Setup an Exclusive Reseller Site for you!

OK, so that’s it. EASY really….

You GET ACCESS to all of these, almost 400 Resell-able Products!

You Get GOLD (opens new window) with PLR Training Videos, 40,000 PLR Articles, almost 100 Scripts & Software, tons of Niche Sites and everything you need to use and sell these Products!

Next Week during this 5th Birthday Celebration SALE – I will be adding some New Bonuses and you will get all of those as well!

Next week I am also going to tell you about an Opportunity and you are going to want to know about that.


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